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Arctic & Northwest Passage

Experience the enormity of Greenland – the world’s largest island – where jagged peaks pierce azure skies, and countless glaciers snake their way towards the coast. Discover ancient rocks at Skaergaard Peninsula dating back some 55 million years. Hikes across in search of arctic fox, reindeer and arctic tundra, tasting delicious wild berries along the way. Zodiac-cruise along sounds filled and see ringed seals lazing on sea ice calved from Greenland’s enormous ice sheets—the largest in Arctic, and encounter humpback and minke whales feeding in the nutrient-rich waters. Sail Prince Christian Sound, flanked by imposing mountains, as it carves its way through south Greenland where green pastures signal the presence of human settlement, and where the Viking ruins of Erik the Red still stand at Hvalsey. Weaving through the fjords and channels, we enter west Greenland, the country’s most developed region, home to the nation’s capital, Nuuk, and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ilulissat Icefjord.

Greenland Ittoqqortoormiit houses


  • At Kangerlussuaq Fjord on Greenland’s remote east coast, we visit Skaergaard Intrusion, known to geologists worldwide for their unusual layering, formed some 55 million years ago
  • Sail along Prince Christian Sound, surrounded by towering mountains with glaciers that calve directly into the sea
  • Enjoy thrilling Zodiac cruises to glacier fronts and watch for tail flukes from diving whales
  • Stand in awe in front breathtakingly beautiful Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World-Heritage Site
  • At the National Museum in Nuuk, see the fascinating exhibit of the Qilakitsoq mummies dating back 545 years, which were accidentally discovered in 1972
Available Add-on Activity: Ship: The Greg Mortimer

Departure Date:
  • GOD001G: 10 Aug 2022 - 26 Aug 2022 (17 Days)

Northwest Passage map

The icy and labyrinthine channels of the legendary Northwest Passage have enchanted explorers and adventurers for centuries. Get a glimpse into the world that captivated early explorers such as Franklin, Amundsen and Larsen by exploring a portion of the fabled Northwest Passage. Visit the final resting places of some of the legendary explorers to have ventured here, and experience the archipelago of islands and channels that make up Canada’s High Arctic region. Along the way, we hope to meet local indigenous people who call this remote wilderness home, and encounter enigmatic arctic wildlife, including walrus, beluga whale, polar bear and the elusive narwhal. Pack ice always threatens to halt our voyage through the passage, adding a compelling element of adventure that is integral to any genuine expedition.

Wrangel Island polar bear


  • Stand in awe of Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Hike on Devon Island, the world’s largest uninhabited island, and features stunning geology and glacial valleys to explore
  • On Beechey Island, visit the graves of explorers from John Franklin’s expedition
  • Keep watch with the hope of spotting iconic arctic wildlife including musk ox, polar bears, beluga whales, walrus and perhaps narwhal
Available Add-on Activity: Ship: The Greg Mortimer

Departure Dates:
  • NWP001G: 24 Aug 2022 - 9 Sep 2022 (17 Days)
  • NWP002G: 7 Sep 2022 - 23 Sep 2022 (17 Days)

Svalbard Odyssey map

Enjoy the best of Svalbard, a world of endless daylight where polar bear sightings quicken your pulse, guillemot cries echo from sea cliffs and beluga whales rise from the sea. Explore tundra adorned with wildflowers and look out for arctic fox, or discover historic camps of explorers and hunters. Push through pack ice to find walrus and bearded seals, or simply enjoy breathtakingly beautiful Norwegian fjords.

Svalbard polar bear


  • Venture close to 80° north looking for polar bears on the pack ice
  • Chance to discover other arctic wildlife including walrus, guillemots, puffins, seals, reindeer, arctic fox, seabirds and whales
  • Zodiac past blue glaciers and through stunning fjords
  • Enjoy hikes surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful scenery
Available Add-on Activities: Ship: The Greg Mortimer

Departure Dates:
  • SVAL55G: 19 Jun 2022 - 30 Jun 2022 (12 Days)
  • SVAL56G: 29 Jun 2022 - 10 Jul 2022 (12 Days)
  • SVAL57G: 9 Jul 2022 - 20 Jul 2022 (12 Days)

A combination of Svalbard Odyssey with an in-depth exploration of East Greenland offers the ultimate Arctic adventure! Enjoy the best of Svalbard, a world of endless daylight where polar bear sightings quicken your pulse, guillemot cries echo from sea cliffs and walrus haul out on sea ice. East Greenland dazzles with its iridescent icebergs and deep exploration in Scoresbysund – the world’s largest fjord system. Visit glacier fronts, wildflower tundra, dazzling geology, pack ice and polar desert. Opportunities to encounter whales, musk ox and arctic hare add to the thrill.

Polar bear cubs


  • Keep watch for hunting polar bears and walrus on pack ice
  • Enter Svalbard’s polar desert, a landscape of stunted glaciers, fossil fields and buzzing bird cliffs
  • Listen to the orchestra of Greenland’s famous ice singing as it pops, hisses, cracks and calves
  • Photograph soaring frozen arches and dazzling pinnacles of ice recently calved deep in Scoresbysund
Available Add-on Activities: Ship: The Greg Mortimer

Departure Date:
  • ACC06G: 09 Jul 2022 - 02 Aug 2022 (25 Days)

Jewels of the Arctic map

Discover Svalbard’s northwest coast and the east coast of Greenland, a land of grand superlatives, before concluding your voyage in Iceland. Zodiac-cruise among spectacular icebergs, spotting seabirds and keeping watch for walrus and polar bears on the ice. Visit Ittoqqortoormiit, one of the most remote settlements on earth, and perhaps take the option of kayaking or rock climbing (additional cost). This expedition ticks many boxes: hikes through the arctic tundra; a chance to spot wildlife including musk ox, seals, whales and elusive arctic fox; and the opportunity to visit fascinating Palaeolithic sites.

East Greenland zodiac cruise


  • The wildlife of the Arctic – chance to encounter musk ox, arctic fox, arctic hare and whales
  • Visit the world’s largest national park in north east Greenland, and the world’s largest fjord system, Scoresbysund
  • Visit Ittoqqortoormit, one of the world’s most remote settlements
Available Add-on Activities: Ship: The Greg Mortimer

Departure Date:
  • GRN39G: 19 Jul 2022 - 2 Aug 2022 (15 Days)

Explore the ‘Land of Ice and Fire’ where snow-capped peaks rise above glaciers and active volcanoes rumble. Walk along a black sand beach strewn with glittering bergy bits and discover geysers and fumaroles and bubbling mud pools, or explore spectacular fjords and impressive waterfalls, in one of the most geologically active places on earth. Our specialist naturalists and historians will reveal the Iceland below the surface – a land rich in wildlife, culture and fascinating human history.

Iceland Westfjords explorer


  • Keep watch for blows, breaching and tail flukes as we whale watch in Húsavík
  • Explore Látrabjarg bird cliffs, the largest seabird cliffs in Europe
  • Visit Vatnajökull National Park, featuring Europe’s largest glacier, iceberg-speckled glacial lakes, black sand beaches, reindeer and rich birdlife
  • Discover Mjóifjördur, a hidden gem of a fjord cherished by locals
Available Add-on Activity: Ship: The Greg Mortimer

Departure Date:
  • ICE002G: 1 Aug 2022 - 11 Aug 2022 (11 Days)

Russian Far East

Kamchatka & Chukotka map

Enter a world of mystery and wonder, where 29 of more than 300 volcanoes are active, creating a dynamic landscape of immense beauty. Soak in coastal hot springs serenaded by thundering waterfalls. Zodiac cruise along black-sand beaches, where Kamchatka brown bears and cubs forage, and share swift rivers with Steller’s sea eagles diving on salmon. Visit the Commander Islands (‘South Georgia of the North Pacific’) where seabirds populate a breathtaking maze of arches and sea stacks. Red-legged kittiwakes, red-faced cormorants, parakeet and whiskered auklets and perhaps even laysan albatross are on show. Visit the grave of explorer Vitus Bering near waters bustling with sea lions, fur seals and busy sea otters, while orca and humpback whales patrol the bays. In Chukotka enjoy tundra wildflowers, cliff-climbing bears and a warm welcome by reindeer herders and more.

Kamchatka brown bear family


  • Encounter Kamchatka’s abundant brown bears and their snuffling cubs feasting on spawning salmon against a backdrop of World Heritage-listed volcanoes
  • Enjoy meeting Koryaks of Tymlat village to nomadic Chukchi reindeer herders of the north as they welcome you with song, dance and stories of their life
  • Zodiac cruise up swift-flowing rivers in search of nesting Steller’s sea eagles, beneath cliffs aflutter with thousands of puffins, guillemots, auklets and kittiwakes, or amidst sea lions, orca, humpback whales and very cute sea otters
  • Delight in walks through stone birch forests and grassy meadows to wildflower and berry-laden tundra
Available Add-on Activity: Ship: The Sylvia Earle

Departure Dates:
  • KAM005S: 6 Jul 2022 - 21 Jul 2022 (17 Days)
  • KAM006S: 14 Aug 2022 - 31 Aug 2022 (17 Days)

Wrangel Island map

Set sail from Nome, Alaska, for Russia’s most remote and treasured wildlife sanctuaries, Wrangel Island Nature Reserve. Discover a wonderland offering the world’s highest concentration of polar bear dens (home to both parents and cubs), the largest population of Pacific walrus, nesting grounds for 100 migratory bird species including snowy owls, snow geese and long-tailed skuas; and reindeer, musk oxen and arctic fox. Having escaped glaciation during the last ice age, Wrangel Island is a bonsai garden of some 400 plant species and boasts a human history as spare and dramatic as the land. Explore the Chukotka coast, where beluga, gray and humpback whales feed, and experience traditional Chukchi life before returning to Nome.

Polar bear on Wrangel Island


  • Cross Bering Strait to become one of the few visitors to remote Wrangel Island Nature Reserve, largest polar bear (and Pacific walrus) breeding grounds in the world
  • Experience performances depicting traditional life of the Yupik and Chukchi people
  • Zodiac cruise encounters with gray, humpback and beluga whales, walrus and thousands of seabirds landing close by to feed
  • Tundra hikes for spotting a host of migrating birds including emperor geese, spoon-billed sandpipers and yellow-billed loons. Landing on Kolyuchin Island for close, cliff-top views of nesting puffins, guillemots and gulls.
Ship: The Sylvia Earle

Departure Dates:
  • WRA001S: 19 Jul 2022 - 3 Aug 2022 (16 Days)
  • WRA002S: 1 Aug 2022 - 16 Aug 2022 (16 Days)

Draped across the north Pacific Ocean from Hokkaido, Japan, to Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, the 22 islands and 30 islets of the Kuril Islands form a necklace of active volcanoes and sea-sculpted coastlines waiting to be explored. Nutrient-rich waters washing this ‘Pacific Rim of Fire’ teem with marine life, from sea otters to harbour seals, Steller sea lions to orca, Dall’s porpoise to beaked and sperm whales. The islands form a natural ‘flyway’ for migratory birds including both horned and tufted puffins, whiskered and rhinoceros auklets and exquisite little murrelets. You’ll Zodiac into flooded calderas, beneath soaring bird cliffs, to landings where brown bears fish for salmon. Every day brings new adventure.

Onekotan island


  • Marvelling at the sun-kissed beauty of snow-capped volcanoes, slowly revealed by rising sea mists
  • Supercharged birdwatching along a migratory flyway alive with Siberian rubythroats, rough legged buzzards, snow buntings, spectacled pigeons, tufted puffins and rhinoceros auklets
  • Zodiac cruising through waters boiling with Steller sea lions and pups, thousands of crested auklets and into the flooded caldera of Broutana Bay, an abandoned, secret submarine base from Soviet time
  • Trekking through a kaleidoscope of landscapes, from megaherb and coniferous forests to grasslands and lava fields. Watch for brown bears and cubs, and historical remains of Ainu (indigenous Japanese) settlements and World War II battles
Available Add-on Activity: Ship: The Sylvia Earle

Departure Date:
  • KUR004S: 29 Aug 2022 - 12 Sep 2022 (15 Days)


Alaska Adventure map

Enjoy small-ship exploration in Alaska, one of the world’s largest terrestrial reserves. At Metlakatla, visit the only Indian Reserve in Alaska. In Misty Fjords National Monument, pull into quiet coves to view marine wildlife without the worry of crowds. Marvel at the towering trees of old-growth forests. Along the shoreline, keep watch for brown bears and their cubs while whales patrol the waters. Hike in the world’s largest temperate rainforest listening for songbirds or take a small boat and sit under the imposing edifice of one of Alaska’s many tidewater glaciers.

ALaska mother bear and cubs


  • Visit the Metlakatla Indian Community, Annette Island, where you can learn about their ancient culture and admire their unique, locally hand-carved standing totem poles
  • Look for iconic Alaskan wildlife including, bears, eagles and salmon in Tongass National Forest – the largest in the US, covering most of south-east Alaska – and famous wilderness areas such as Misty Fjords National Monument and Tracy Arms-Ford Terror Wilderness
  • Discover Haines’ famous hiking trails
  • Zodiac-cruise, kayak or hike the shorelines of the islands around Icy Strait, which offer the possibility of superb wildlife viewing. Keep watch for wildlife all-stars such as orca, brown bears, Steller sea lions and many bird species.
Available Add-on Activities: Ship: The Sylvia Earle

Departure Date:
  • ALK005S: 19 May 2022 - 31 May 2022 (13 Days)

Alaska and Haida Gwaii map

Encounter iconic Alaskan wildlife around Chicagof Island. Sail along Tracy Arm towards the twin Sawyer Glaciers, keeping your eyes peeled for whales, harbour seals, and bears. Visit the Metlakatla Indian Community on Annette Island, and with special permission, we visit Haida Gwaii, where Haida locals welcome you to their community and share stories about their history and culture. Near Bella Coola, Nuxalk guides will lead you on an exclusive Zodiac excursion in search of grizzly bears.

Haida Gwaii Mistry Fjords Alaska


  • Guided by local Nuxalk guides, explore the estuaries and tide flats along the Dean River Channel, where grizzly bears are known to gather in their greatest numbers
  • Spend three days in Haida Gwaii, where Haida residents share stories about their history and culture, and look for wildlife on Zodiac cruises or while hiking through lush temperate forest
  • Explore the islands around Icy Strait for superb wildlife-viewing opportunities by Zodiac-cruising, kayaking or hiking the shoreline while keeping watch for wildlife all-stars such as orca, brown bears, Steller sea lions and countless birds
  • Experience Tongass National Forest, the largest forest in the U.S covering most of southeast Alaska and encompassing famous wilderness areas such as Misty Fjords National Monument and Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness
Available Add-on Activities: Ship: The Sylvia Earle

Departure Date:
  • ALK006S: 30 May 2022 - 11 Jun 2022 (13 Days)

Alaska Odyssey map

Along the famed Inside Passage, visit small communities such as the Metlakatla Indian Community on Annette Island. In wilderness areas including Misty Fjords and Tracy Arm-Fords Terror, Zodiac-cruise and kayak amongst glittering icebergs keeping your camera at the ready for encounters with whales, harbour seals, mountain goats, bears and bald eagles. Experience some of Alaska’s most iconic glaciers including Mendenhall, South Sawyer, Hubbard, and the calving tidewater glaciers in the enormous Prince William Sound.

Prince William Sound


  • Spend two days exploring spectacular Prince William Sound with its countless fjords, abundant tidewater glaciers and superb wildlife
  • Experience Alaska’s iconic glaciers, including twin Sawyer, Baird, Hubbard, and Mendenhall
  • Visit the Metlakatla Indian Community and learn about their ancient culture and admire their unique, locally hand-carved totem poles
  • Explore the islands around Icy Strait, which offer the possibility of superb wildlife viewing. Keep watch for wildlife such as orca, coastal brown bears, Steller sea lions and many bird species
Available Add-on Activities: Ship: The Sylvia Earle

Departure Date:
  • ALK007S: 10 Jun 2022 - 23 Jun 2022 (14 Days)

Aleutian Islands map

Board your expedition ship in the stunning, remote fishing port of Seward, Alaska, and begin exploring the rugged Alaskan Peninsula coast, where deeply incised fjords give access to glaciers tumbling from icefields high above. Brown bears, whales, dolphins and seals are but some that call this coast home, and wildlife only increases as you traverse the Aleutians, a 1900-km chain of 14 large volcanic islands and 55 smaller ones that forms the Pacific Rim of Fire’s northern arc. This natural boundary separates the Pacific Ocean from the Bering Sea, creating a dynamic environment that supports amazing biodiversity, including caribou, sea otters, Steller sea lions, orca and gray whales. Delight in black-legged kittiwakes, tufted puffins, crested auklets, peregrine falcon, tundra swans and so much more. Landings reveal historical relics ranging from Aleut villages and Russian fur trade depots to remnants of World War II battles and Cold War bases. Every day promises something to fire your passion especially finishing up on Russia’s spectacular Kamchatka Peninsula.

Aleutian Islands Kodiak brown bear


  • Explore deep fjords of the Alaskan Peninsula, where glaciers shed bergy bits and brown bears and cubs forage along the shores
  • Island-hop the Aleutian chain of active volcanoes forming the Pacific Rim of Fire that separates the Pacific Ocean from the Bering Sea
  • Zodiac cruise in mist-shrouded coves, where colonies of Steller sea lions roar, humpback and grey whales blow, sea otters mesmerise and outcrops hold breeding colonies of puffins, auklets, terns, guillemots and dozens of other species
  • Enjoy tundra walks amongst wildflowers adding colour to smoking volcanoes. Explore abandoned military outposts where Japanese and U.S military forces clashed in World War II.
Available Add-on Activity: Ship: The Sylvia Earle

Departure Date:
  • ALU001S: 22 Jun 2022 - 8 Jul 2022 (16 Days)

Central & South America

Baja California & Sea of Cortez Map

The Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, was once famously dubbed the ‘aquarium of the world.’ The rugged islands, coastal desert and the surrounding turquoise waters are of striking natural beauty. The islands and protected areas of the Gulf of California are one of Dr Sylvia Earle’s designated Hope Spots and a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. It is one of the most productive ocean regions in the world – home to over 900 species of fish, including sharks – 90 of them endemic – more than 2,000 invertebrate species and a variety of whales, dolphins, rays, sea turtles and sea lions. Hike among coastal cactus forests, enjoying splendid views of crescent-shaped bays and be spoiled by some of the best snorkelling and diving experiences offered anywhere on earth. Zodiac cruises will bring birders close to enormous bird colonies where you might spot blue-footed boobies, red-billed tropicbirds and Heermann’s gulls. Sunsets over the Sea of Cortez are among the most spectacular you will find anywhere in the world.

Sea of Cortez


  • Spend six days exploring immersed in the wonders of the Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California—a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Delight in the region’s exceptional biodiversity, and keep watch for the spectacular sight of the mass migration flying mobula rays
  • Hike across coastal desert plains and ascend a ridge overlooking Isla San Francisco Bay, which offers sublime views of the iridescent sea below
  • Savour fresh local produce and experience Mexico’s world-famous cuisine
Available Add-on Activities: Ship: The Sylvia Earle

Departure Date:
  • BAJ002S: 4 May 2022 - 12 May 2022 (9 Days)

Baja California Odyssey Map

From the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Islands and Protected areas of the Sea of Cortez to the sheltered lagoons and sweeping sand dunes on Baja California’s Pacific Coast, experience the magnificent natural wonders offered in Mexico’s Baja California Sur. In the Sea of Cortez, one of Dr Sylvia Earle’s designated marine Hope Spots, experience the area’s rich marine biodiversity, which is home to over 900 species of fish, including sharks —90 of them endemic—and roughly 30 per cent of the world’s cetaceans. Hike among coastal desert ecosystems, tick off your list numerous bird species, snorkel in warm tropical waters filled with vibrant coral reefs and tropical fish, and Zodiac cruise along colourful coastlines in search of wildlife. The possible sight of mobula rays congregating in their tens of thousands, where they literally fly out of the water in the attempt to attract a mate an experience that will stay with you for years to come.

Baja California


  • Delight in the region’s exceptional biodiversity, and keep watch for the spectacular sight of the mass migration flying mobula rays
  • Immerse yourself in the magical underwater world in the Sea of Cortez and experience the remarkable marine biodiversity famously dubbed the ‘world’s aquarium’
  • Hike along coastal deserts that reveal cacti forests and breathtaking bay views
  • Look out for blue-footed boobies, frigatebirds and the endemic Xantus’s hummingbird
Available Add-on Activities: Ship: The Sylvia Earle

Departure Date:
  • BAJ001S: 23 Apr 2022 - 5 May 2022 (13 Days)


Raja Ampat and West Papua Islands map

The tropical archipelago of West Papua is ideal for expedition cruising. Raja Ampat and the nearby islands of the Indonesian archipelago are a melting pot of culture, history and nature. Discover the influence of Melanesia, Islam, and the Portuguese explorers and Dutch traders who ventured to the ‘Spice Islands’ in search of highly prized spices such as nutmeg. Raja Ampat is also a marine biodiversity hotspot. With 75 per cent of the world’s coral species and over 1,500 species of tropical fish found here, it is a paradise for divers and snorkellers. Enjoy guided walks through littoral rainforest to catch a glimpse of birds of paradise and in Banda Neira, explore Fort Belgica, a fortress built by the Dutch in the 16th century to ward off marauders.

Raja Ampat


  • Snorkel and dive among the world’s most biodiverse marine ecosystems in Raja Ampat
  • Swim amongst whale sharks in Cenderawasih Marine National Park
  • Search for endemic Birds of Paradise in Arfak Mountains
  • Explore impressive Fort Belgica – one of the largest remaining European forts in Indonesia – on Banda Neira
Available Add-on Activities: Ship: The Sylvia Earle

Departure Date:
  • PAP001S: 21 Sep 2022 - 4 Oct 2022 (14 Days)


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