Always dreamed of visiting the final frontier of Antarctica, or exploring the heart of Patagonia in South America? Why not do both in one holiday, while saving money in the process? At AE Expeditions, we’re offering you the chance to combine these two incredible destinations on our Trek & Cruise packages in 2017/18.

Here are five reasons to start packing your bags today.

1. See two incredible destinations in one holiday

Patagonia and Antarctica are commonly recognised as being two of the world’s greatest wilderness frontiers. Whether you’re a fan of outdoor adventures, or you’ve been searching for something to break up the monotony of urban living, this is one opportunity that you won’t regret dropping everything for.

The contrasts on these two voyages are striking – you’ll go from cruising the ice strewn waters of the Antarctic, spotting penguins and camping out on the peninsula to walking in the shadow of the Andes, visiting local towns and encountering anything from llamas to glaciers.

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2. Save your money, double your adventure

When you book an Antarctica and Patagonia Trek & Cruise package in 2017/18, you can save up to 20% on the cost of your combined tours, including the price of all your transfers and connections. This means you get to see both of these two incredible regions for less, without compromising on the quality of the experience.

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3. You choose the structure of your ultimate journey

One of the best parts of our Trek & Cruise packages is that you have the freedom to choose how you want to structure your trip. Want to start with immersing yourself into the icy world of Antarctica before defrosting on a guided trek in heart of the Andean mountains? Can do.

Fancy pushing yourself on your trek first and then exploring the waters of Antarctica afterwards? Not a problem. You decide on the order of your trip, and we’ll sort out the details. Easy!

4. Smaller groups, bigger benefits

Both our Antarctic cruise and our Patagonia trek are specifically designed with small passenger numbers in mind, meaning you can look forward to a more personalised experience. In Antarctica, you’ll be travelling on the Polar Pioneer, our 54-passenger polar exploration vessel, where you can get to know your fellow passengers and expedition leaders throughout your voyage. Our smaller ship size also enables us to get closer to landing sites unaccessible by larger cruise ships, meaning you get even more opportunities to experience Antarctica up close.

In Patagonia, the small-group tour spirit is just as important – with fewer people, we can tailor the pace to suit the group so you can enjoy your surroundings every step of the way.

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5. Make the most out of your leave

Getting away from our responsibilities for a holiday is never easy, but always worth it. If you’ve decided to make the most of your time off, there’s no better way than to combine two of our favourite destinations. Which other holiday gives you the chance to see the sun rise over the Torres del Paine the one day, and then bustling penguin rookeries the next?

To start planning your Patagonia and Antarctica adventure, get in touch with our team to make the most of this incredible deal!


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