WINNER: World’s Best Expedition Cruise Line | 2023 World Cruise Awards

We are delighted to announce Geoff Thomas as the winner of the competition with his stunning photo entitled ‘Elephant Seal surrounded by King Penguins’ taken in Gold Harbour, South Georgia. Darren said, ‘It was an engaging elephant seal encircled by king penguins that proved to be my winner. I enjoy the soft lighting, simple composition and the use of selective focus to bring full attention to the main subject. I love the seal’s air of curiosity being in stark contrast to the penguins’ self-absorption and indifference.’ Congratulations Geoff!

Darren also made a special mention of ‘Iceberg Reflections’ by Goran Mellbring and ‘Mandala 2’ by Karen Balderson.

Darren added, ‘Goran Mellbring’s Iceberg Reflection was high on my list. We all know this is the most photographed subject in Antarctica, so to produce a memorable image from the millions of iceberg’s captured each year is quite an achievement. Goran’s image is made up of exquisite blue tones throughout, with just that subtle contrast of warm colour coming from the low-angled sun. The way the symmetry is broken gently by the slightly imperfect reflection makes the image quite and captivating.’

On Karen Balderson’s composite “Mandala” he said ‘The composite really struck me; each of its many facets and details tell their own Antarctic story, and together they portray a sense of both chaos and order at the same time’

We will be updating submissions on a regular basis, so view our Expeditioner submissions section for more images


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