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Cruise Norway’s remote coastlines on a coastal voyage that takes you deep into nature. In Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, marvel at houses clinging to the hillside, wander along historic cobbled streets, and sample superb Norwegian cuisine in the many eateries located in Bryggen, designated a UNESCO World-heritage site. On a magnificent setting overlooking Frei fjord and Kvernes fjord, discover the remarkable wooden stave church in Kvernes, Norway’s only stave church built after the Middle Ages.

Further north, spot seals, sea eagles and perhaps whales as you sail through the Norwegian fjords of the Lofoten Islands, where jagged mountain peaks rise out of reflective bays. Wander through charming fishing villages dotted with colourful wooden houses so emblematic of Scandinavia. Experience Lofoten Islands and Bergen on an Arctic Discovery voyage.

In Svalbard up in the High Arctic, be on high alert for a chance to spot the arctic’s apex predator, the polar bear, on a coastal expedition cruise through the archipelago. Witness giant walrus hauled out on ice floes, Zodiac cruise in bays where bearded seal and ring seal frolic beneath 50-metre ice cliffs, hike through brightly-coloured and blooming tundra. Bird lovers will enjoy listening to the cackling of little auks while another sound – the click of the camera trying to capture posturing puffins clustered on rocky ledges. Choose a Svalbard Odyssey departure that best suits you.

Norway Cruises & Expeditions

Norway Cruises

Embark on an AE Expeditions Norway cruise and experience the majestic fjords and the Norwegian coast on an adventure of a lifetime with our professional Expedition Team. On a Norway cruise, you will cruise along Norway’s coastline and visit top Arctic destinations like Svalbard and Jan Mayen.

AE Expeditions’ Norway tours are made for adventurous travellers, who yearn to return from their holiday changed. Norway is world-renowned for its postcard-perfect landscapes, abundant wildlife and opportunities for year-round adventure. Our Norway cruise itineraries cover multiple locations from stunning fjords and ancient glaciers, to snow-capped mountains and dramatic waterfalls. If you’re lucky and the conditions are right it’s also one of the best countries in the Arctic for witnessing a magical Northern Lights display.

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Spitsbergen: Realm of the Ice Bear

Icon Expedition


8 Days


GBP £7,916.00

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Arctic Fox Kits at Hornsund-Gnålodden, Svalbard, Karen Povey

Svalbard in Depth

Icon Expedition


15 Days


GBP £14,716.00

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Aurora borealis, Northern Lights, Lofoten islands, Norway

Northern Lights Explorer

Icon Discovery


19 Days


GBP £14,125.50

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Polar bear

Svalbard Odyssey

Icon Expedition


12 Days


GBP £10,165.50

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Arctic Zodiac cruise

Jewels of the Arctic

Icon Expedition


13-15 Days


GBP £11,215.75

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A lone musk ox in Greenland in the Arctic, a region it is native to

Arctic Complete – Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

Icon Expedition


24 Days


GBP £17,760.75

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Why Join a Norway Expedition Cruise with AE Expeditions?

AE Expeditions’ Norway cruises explore remote land and seascapes on coastal voyages that take you deep into nature. Norway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. Postcard-perfect scenes of jaw-dropping waterfalls plummeting into vibrant blue water in Norwegian fjords carved from glaciers appear as if plucked from a fairy-tale. Inland, rugged mountains smother the terrain, yielding to coastal islands dotted with charming fishing villages.

As you sail through the Norwegian fjords, keep your eyes peeled for seals, sea eagles and whales and relish wandering through charming fishing villages dotted with colourful wooden houses so emblematic of Scandinavia.

Further north, there’s the staggering and seemingly uncharted archipelago of Svalbard in the High Arctic. Here, be on high alert for a chance to spot the Arctic’s apex predator, the polar bear, on a coastal expedition cruise through the archipelago. Witness giant walruses hauled out on ice floes, Zodiac cruise in bays where bearded and ring seals frolic beneath impossibly-high ice cliffs, or hike through brightly-coloured, blooming tundra. Bird lovers will enjoy listening to the cackling of little auks and another familiar sound – the click of the camera trying to capture posturing puffins clustered on rocky ledges.

On your Norway cruise you can be among the lucky few to visit the remote island of Jan Mayen, with its distinctive landscape, active volcanic system, special flora and fauna and cultural remains.

Norway has been calling to adventurous souls for centuries, who yearn to get closer to nature through hiking its breathtaking trails, sightseeing from the water or by going in search of the Northern Lights. The best way to experience this bucket-list destination is on one of our immersive Norway cruises. 

Norway Wildlife Encounters

Polar bears are strongly connected to the sea and ice that surround Norway and Svalbard, as this is where their major food source lives. This makes Svalbard a big feature of our Norway expedition cruises, so we can maximise your chances of seeing one of these majestic creatures. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wildlife encounters on our Norway tours.

Each Expedition Team on our Norway tours includes Naturalists that are well learnt in everything you’ll see on your Norway experience, including the wildlife you see. They’ll educate you on the various bird species you’ll see while bird-watching along the rugged coastline. The fjords of Norway and Svalbard are also fantastic spots to go whale watching and see other marine life like dolphins and seals. Bearded seals, ring seals, beluga whales, and narwhals also call the icy Norwegian waters home and if you’re lucky you will have some truly unforgettable encounters with these creatures.

Our Norway expeditions will also take you on shore excursions where you may see some of the local land animals like the Arctic fox and Svalbard reindeer. Bird sanctuaries are scattered throughout Norway and Svalbard, and the bird population echoes this. In the summer months, the weather conditions are right for these birds to nest and these bird sanctuaries have been created to help them thrive. Some of the most picturesque fjords provide the cliffs and mountains that protect the nesting birds from the harsh Arctic weather.

Unique Norway Experiences

AE Expeditions’ Norway cruises and expeditions are made for the adventure traveller – they’re filled with exciting activities. Our expeditions are designed to help you explore and experience beautiful Norway, not just see it. Experience Norway and Svalbard on a hiking adventure through a national park, down deep valleys and past gushing waterfalls. Our Norway tours include trips ashore on the Svalbard archipelago where light walks and guided hikes led by our Expedition Team follow hiking trails through breathtaking fjords.

There are many opportunities for whale and mammal spotting. There are also many opportunities for bird-watching from our Norway cruise ships. But the best way to see the wildlife up close is through our Zodiac cruises, which bring you closer to the action. For those with the right experience, AE Expeditions also offers sea kayaking and scuba diving. This is the best way to see the wildlife up close.

For those without scuba diving experience who still want the thrill of jumping into the icy cold water there is also the polar plunge – a rite of passage for Arctic travellers. Jump into the freezing water in a controlled environment supervised by your experienced Expedition Team. You can also document the occasion with the help of the onboard professional photographer.

As your Norway cruise explores this Arctic region, you may enter the aurora belt and get lucky with an aurora borealis or Northern Lights display. The Expedition Team will notify you of the likelihood of this natural phenomenon occurring during your Norway tour, but if the season is right and the weather conditions ideal you may experience the Northern Lights first-hand.

Norway Cruise Regions

Trondheim, Norway


In the centre of Norway, laid-back Trøndelag is a great starting point for your Norway adventure. One of the most fertile regions of the country, it is home to proud farmers and artisans. In fact, foodies from all over the world flock to Trøndelag and its epicentre, Trondheim, the “home of the Nordic flavours”. Visit Trøndelag for postcard-perfect rolling hills, stunning Norwegian fjords and islets, an abundance of national parks, traditional fishing villages and some of the world’s best salmon rivers. 

Charming Bergen in Norway

Fjord Norway

Providing the most spectacular fjord and mountain scenery in Norway, this region has been a tourist hotspot for those that visit Norway for centuries. Fjord or Western Norway is almost completely covered by mountains. It boasts hundreds of Norwegian fjords, including the longest fjord in Norway, Sognefjorden, mesmerising waterfalls and the largest glacier in Europe, the Jostedal Glacier. Fjord Norway is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers, best explored on foot or from water level in a kayak or Zodiac. Its beautiful towns, including historic Bergen, also make it a tourist favourite.

Oslo, Norway

Eastern Norway

Nearly half of the inhabitants of Norway live in Eastern Norway, which contains the capital, Oslo. In addition to world-class culture, the region is full of endless opportunities for adventure, with lush valleys and rugged mountains in some of the country’s most popular national parks. Further down, the “sunny south” is dotted with idyllic small towns, and history buffs will revel in travelling back to the time of Vikings.

Aurora borealis, Northern Lights, Lofoten islands, Norway, Shutterstock

Northern Norway

Northern Norway is a vast area, stretching from the Helgeland region in the south to the Russian border in the east and mainland Europe’s northernmost point. It is both renowned as the land of the midnight sun and at the same time one of the best places in the world to witness the Northern Lights. Here you will see awe-inspiring mountains, glittering Norwegian fjords, cosy fishing villages, UNESCO-listed islands, white beaches and nature at its most pure. When you visit Norway this region is full of culture, housing the majority of the country’s indigenous people, the Sami.

Tvedestrand, Southern Norway

Southern Norway

Fondly known as “the smiling south”, Southern Norway is the country’s best-kept secret, where Norwegians flock for summer holidays filled with endless blue skies and glittering seas. With thousands of islands and small fishing villages, there are endless opportunities to get lost in alleys lined with immaculate white wooden houses.

Passengers kayaking in Spitsbergen, Svalbard


Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago in the High Arctic between mainland Norway and the North Pole. A destination of a lifetime, our expeditions to Svalbard connect you to the majesty of this Arctic wilderness, where dramatic Norwegian fjords, rugged mountain ranges and a fossil-rich polar desert await. See the Northern Lights in a destination few venture on AE Expeditions’ Norway tours.

Jan Mayen, Norway

Jan Mayen

Jan Mayen is a volcanic island located between Greenland and Norway in the Arctic Ocean, administered by Norway and with no permanent population. Explore the majestic slopes of Mount Beerenberg to the curving, rocky coasts. Jan Mayen is home to many birds, from the soaring Northern fulmar to the colourful ‘clown of the sea’, the Atlantic puffin. Harp seals and various species of whales can also be seen swimming in its chilly waters.

Destination Highlights

      Norway Cruise Activities

      See Norway with AE Expeditions and our Expedition Team will take you on excursions unique to the High Arctic, fully included in the cost of your expedition. For those interested in a little extra excitement, there are optional activities designed to get you closer to the action. Our Norway expeditions provide a mix of comfort and adventure; for those willing to explore the Arctic the memories will last a lifetime.


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      Polar plunge

      Trips ashore

      Trips ashore




      Whale and mammal spotting


      Zodiac cruises


      Lecture on wildlife, our environment, history and destinations

      Add-on Activities

      Sea kayaking in the Arctic

      Sea Kayaking

      Sea Kayaking is one of the most exhilarating ways to experience Antarctica, the Arctic and beyond. Sea kayaking holidays in the humbling…

      *Optional add-on activities are available on select voyages. They are listed on each itinerary page and additional fees apply. 

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