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Scuba diving in Costa Rica is one of the best ways to experience this tropical paradise, which is teeming with as much – if not more – life underwater as on land.
Passengers who take to the water to explore will have ample opportunities for unforgettable wildlife encounters with nurse and bull sharks, manta rays, dolphins, sea turtles and even humpback whales if you’re lucky.
Be awed by Costa Rica’s colourful coral reefs, which are home to countless species of fish, including damselfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish, porcupine fish, goatfish, goby, and perhaps an octopus.
Your experienced Divemaster will take you to some of the country’s best diving spots, such as Caño Island Biological Reserve, which boasts crystal clear water that offers visibility of up to 30 metres or 100 feet. They will ensure that you and your small group of like-minded adventurers get the most out of your time scuba diving in Costa Rica.

How do I book Scuba Diving in Costa Rica?

If you are an Advanced Open Water Diver with a minimum of 30 logged dives (with a minimum of 6 of those dives within 12 months of your trip), and you would like to participate in our scuba diving program on your Costa Rica voyage, please contact our expert team.

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