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Beautiful natural destinations


Find yourself in connection with the natural world on an expedition cruise, and travel to remote coastlines where few others venture. Sail to the icy ramparts of Antarctica, avoid the crowds off the rugged Icelandic coast or explore the lush rainforests, turquoise waters and incredible biodiversity of Costa Rica.

With AE Expeditions, you can choose from a range of destinations that span the globe, each selected for their natural beauty, remarkable biodiversity, geological wonders and fascinating archaeological sites.

You are in good hands with our expert, international expedition team as you journey to some of the most remote corners of this planet, where polar bears roam across the sea ice in the Arctic, and ancient Neolithic and Viking sites stand sentry over the North Atlantic Ocean on the wild isles of Scotland.


AE Expeditions’ voyages aim to provide passengers with immersive and educational experiences in remote and polar regions. Our expeditions prioritise:

  • Fostering a spirit of adventure through activities like hiking, kayaking, and even polar plunges
  • Observing and learning about the unique wildlife of these regions, including penguins, seals, whales, polar bears, and bird species
  • Offering insights into the local cultures and histories of destinations
  • Exploring the natural beauty of polar areas, from rugged peaks to glaciers to icebergs, aboard small, purpose-built ships, Zodiacs, or on-shore excursions with our knowledgeable Expedition Team

The duration of AE Expeditions’ expeditions varies depending on the specific itinerary and destination. Generally, our expeditions last from around 10 to 20 days or longer.

Whether it’s a sea or land adventure that excites you, we provide a wide range of included and optional activities to make the most of your time in some of the world’s most beautiful places. You can expect:

  • Regular landings to explore the region’s natural beauty and wildlife through Zodiac cruises, shore excursions, or special activity programs
  • Observing polar wildlife like polar bears, penguins, whales, and seals in their natural habitats
  • Optional adventure activities like kayaking, snorkelling, and even scuba diving (available on select voyages)
  • Enriching presentations and lectures from experts in your Expedition Team
  • Opportunities for photography enthusiasts to improve their skills and capture stunning landscapes and wildlife, with expert photography guides on hand
  • The opportunity to take a daring dip into the icy waters of the polar regions
  • Our participative Citizen Science program, which offers various activities designed to deepen your connection to the natural world and actively contribute to ongoing scientific research

AE Expeditions welcomes passengers of all ages as long as they have a suitable level of fitness. Our travellers have ranged from 8 to 92 years old, so if you have a thirst for adventure, you’re welcome to join us in Antarctica.
Children are also welcome on our Antarctica cruises, but we recommend they are at least 8 years old and travel with their legal guardian.

To make the most of our voyages, you should be in good general health and able to walk reasonable distances, sometimes over uneven terrain. If you have physical limitations, please inform us well in advance of your departure.

It’s mandatory for each passenger to provide a signed medical form from their general practitioner. For specific activities such as kayakingsnowshoeing, and snorkelling, we have different fitness requirements depending on the activity.

Yes, AE Expeditions always has a team of experienced expedition guides and experts on their voyages, referred to as the “Expedition Team“.

Our world-class Expedition Team includes local guides and specialist guides, such as marine biologists, ornithologists, divemasters, geologists, historians, photographers, kayak guides, naturalists, and more, depending on the region.

With a ratio of 1:7, our Expedition Team is always ready to answer your questions and enhance your voyage, ensuring it’s educational, adventurous, memorable, and safe.

One of the most enthralling aspects of embarking on an expedition with AE Expeditions is the opportunity to witness a remarkable array of wildlife in some of the Earth’s most remote and untouched corners.

Antarctica is home to an impressive variety of creatures that have adapted to the harsh environment, including eight charming species of penguins, six types of Antarctic seals, and magnificent whales that migrate to these frigid waters during the summer months. Below the surface, you’ll discover a mesmerising world of marine biodiversity. From tiny single-celled algae, the foundation of the Antarctic food chain, to the diminutive yet crucial krill, the keystone species of the Antarctic ecosystem. Find out more about ‘what animals live in Antarctica’.

As you venture through the Arctic, you might find yourself in the company of some of the world’s most iconic Arctic animals. Keep a keen eye out for the awe-inspiring polar bear, a symbol of the Arctic’s untamed wilderness. Musk oxen, Arctic foxes, Arctic hares, and a remarkable variety of birdlife also inhabit this frigid expanse. These resilient creatures have evolved to thrive in extreme conditions, making any encounter with them an undeniably extraordinary experience.

Every global destination promises its distinct wildlife encounters, making each Aurora Expedition an exhilarating opportunity to explore the world’s natural marvels. The diversity of animals you’ll encounter varies depending on your chosen expedition. In Scotland, you may be captivated by the abundant birdlife. Journey to Patagonia, and you could encounter the delightful guanaco. Embark on an adventure to Costa Rica for the chance to spot a leisurely sloth, among other fascinating creatures.

You can find detailed itineraries for each of our life-changing expeditions by exploring our website.

Whether you’re interested in the captivating landscapes of Antarctica, the breathtaking wonders of the Arctic, or any of our other incredible destinations, our website provides insights into the intricacies of each adventure.
You can also download or request our latest Antarctica brochure, or our Arctic & Global brochure for an overview of our voyages.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team or your preferred travel agent can provide personalised guidance and insights to make your expedition with AE Expeditions unforgettable.

Shipboard attire is relaxed and casual. Jeans, jumpers, and long-sleeved shirts are recommended for indoor wear in the polar regions. However, ensure your jacket is within reach for impromptu wildlife sightings.

While formal clothing is not necessary, some people prefer a more elegant outfit for the captain’s welcome and farewell drinks.

Every passenger on our polar expeditions will be supplied with an expedition jacket upon boarding. However, it is vital to pack the appropriate cold and wet weather gear for your landings, including waterproof trousers and gloves.

Refer to our suggested packing list, which explains the types of layers and materials we recommend.

AE Expeditions maintains an unwavering commitment to responsible, considerate travel. As one of the first operators to become members of both IAATO and AECO, we take our responsibility seriously.

Our goal is to be at the forefront of sustainable expedition travel globally. We have an ongoing Sustainability in Action  plan aimed at ensuring we implement tangible actions to preserve the planet and assist us in realising this objective.

Some of our sustainability initiatives comprise of:

  • supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, upholding our 100% Climate Neutral certification
  • Utilising state-of-the-art ships with sustainable technology and designs, including Ulstein’s X-BOW®
    encouraging travellers to make informed choices and travel responsibly
  • Paying tribute to female conservationists, prioritising education and enrichment on board
  • Participation in our Citizen Science Program
    transforming our expeditioners into lifelong champions for the planet.

Booking an expedition with AE Expeditions is hassle-free. You can reach out to us directly or contact your preferred travel agent.

We’re here to assist you. Connect with us directly through our website using the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Request a Quote’ buttons or you can call us at +44 808 189 2005.

AE Expeditions’ dedicated team will be able to provide you with more information about the expedition that excites you, address any questions you may have, and assist you with the booking process.

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