Renowned scientist and Director of RiAus (the Royal Institution of Australia), Dr Paul Willis, will join AE Expeditions on a voyage to Antarctica in March 2014 as part of a newly established partnership between Aurora and RiAus, Australia’s national science communication organisation.

On board AE Expeditions’ small ship, Polar Pioneer, Dr Willis will entertain and inform passengers with his vast knowledge of the region’s fossil-rich islands, vast tabular icebergs and the ancient Antarctic landscape, whilst also recounting the historic journey of Sir Ernest Shackleton.

From the fossils of Antarctica and the Arctic to the ancient culture of the Kimberley, the partnership is set to establish a foundation for making science a key highlight of travelling to these remote and wild destinations as well as creating a sustained interest and appreciation of the field of science itself.

Lisa Bolton, CEO of AE Expeditions says “RiAus is a renowned charitable institution and AE Expeditions is pleased to be working with the organisation and Dr Willis to help extend knowledge and educate our passengers on the scientific values of the places we visit.”

To assist RiAus in its mission to engage people in discovering more science, AE Expeditions has also pledged to donate five per cent of ticket sales from all new bookings on the March 2014 expedition that mention promo code ‘RiAUS’. The donations will assist RiAus to continue to inspire current and future generations to learn and appreciate the importance of science in their daily life.

Travellers and science fans alike, can join Dr Willis on the 20-day ‘In Shackleton’s Footsteps’ voyage to Antarctica and South Georgia departing 11 March 2014. As with all AE Expeditions voyages, daily shore excursions and explorations using inflatable Zodiacs provide access to the best wildlife encounters and photographic opportunities. A dedicated team of experts will guide passengers through the dramatic landscapes and abundant wildlife that embody the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia.


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