Do you get excited about relaxing in front of your favourite show after a long day? Well, how would you feel if we said that we could get you closer to the shows and movies that you love?

Yes, at AE Expeditions, we are lucky enough to travel though many parts of the world made famous by the small (or even large screen).

Netflix subscribers should check out the documentary series Tales By Light, a co-venture between National Geographic and Canon that sees the world from the perspective of some of the world’s talented photographers. Viewers with a keen eye will spot a familiar face in Season 1, Episode 5 (‘Panorama’) – Peter Eastway, one of our onboard photography guides, who is the focus of this Antarctic and South Georgia episode!

Once you’ve finished bingeing that, be sure to check out the stunning locations in some of these other acclaimed movies and TV series:

Kimberley Coast – Australia

It’s now almost a decade (2008) since Oscar-nominated ‘Australia’ hit the cinemas. Starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, the movie was set in northern Australia prior to World War II.

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In the film, English aristocrat Kidman inherits a cattle ranch under threat from a takeover plot. Together she works with stockman Jackman to save the farm, against the landscape of the infamous bombing of Darwin by the Japanese.

Our Kimberley tours take you into the heart of where ‘Australia’ was filmed; the red sand and rocky outcrops that dominate the environment. Darwin also features heavily in our expeditions, where you can learn more about the almost-destruction of this city during the war.

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Antarctica, European Arctic – Frozen Planet

For many of us, our love and fascination of the frozen regions come from the legend David Attenborough. With Attenborough’s dulcet tones sharing his infinite knowledge of everything from penguins and polar bears to the icy landscapes, ‘Frozen Planet’ showcased the regions throughout the different seasons – highlighting how the bird and wildlife survive.

If you’re interested in seeing this environment and the animals that call this barren landscape home, we offer this opportunity at either side of the globe. Whether you’re interested in visiting the deep fjords of the Arctic or the penguins of Antarctica, there is a trip for you. Between you and us, the frozen regions are even more beautiful in person than on TV!

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Scotland – Brave

Although the 2012 Disney film ‘Brave’ is animated, the Calanais Standing Stones are very much real. The tall stones, which date back to the Neolithic era, feature in the backdrop of the movie’s dramatic climax with Princess Merida defeating the evil Mor’du. ‘Brave’ won a BAFTA for Best Animated Film in 2013.

As part of our Wild Scotland expedition, you get to visit the Calanais Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis – examining these circular positioned monuments in real life. Known as the ‘Stonehenge of the North’, even the kids might recognise this unique Scottish location!

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Svalbard – Fortitude

Crime dramas continue to be some of the most popular television shows and movies at present – with ‘Fortitude’, a great example.

The show is set in the fictional community of Fortitude which is located in the Arctic region of Svalbard, Norway. The small town is unexpectedly rocked by a series of crimes with Detective Chief Inspector Morton (Stanley Tucci) flying over to help with the investigations. Now in its second season, ‘Fortitude’ has gained widely positive reviews around the world.

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The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, in real life, is surrounded by thick pack ice for most of the year. However, during summer, the pack ice allows us access to one of the most awe-inspiring environments on the planet. With spectacular ice caps and dramatic calving glaciers around you, look out for polar bears, ivory gulls and even walruses.

If you would like to see your favourite TV shows and movies in real life, get in touch with the team at AE Expeditions today.

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