Want to know more about one of our newest Antarctic activities, snowshoeing? We’ve had a chat with our onboard guide, Tarn Pilkington, to learn more and answer all your questions about snowshoeing.

I’ve never snowshoed before, will I find it difficult?

No, in fact most of our participants will be beginners just like you! Snowshoeing is easy and can be picked up with just a few quick tips to get you started. Our guides will be able to get you strapped in and walking in less than half an hour! Snowshoeing is very intuitive; you walk with a normal gait, using the ski poles for balance. The stance between your feet is slightly wider than normal but you’ll quickly get used to this after a few minutes of practice.

What makes snowshoeing different to walking around in my regular boots?

Snowshoes are designed to make walking over snow much easier, which can often be breakable, deep or powdery. The width of the snowshoe distributes your weight over a wider “footprint” or area and move with significantly less effort than you would in normal boots. The snowshoes also have “teeth” on the outside and a small crampon-like base under your foot to “bite into the snow”. This makes it easier for us to access hard-to-reach vantage points and allowing for easier exploration of our landing spots.

Snowshoeing in Antarctica

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Do I need to bring any equipment? What should I wear for a day of snowshoeing?

AE Expeditions will provide all the equipment you need for your snowshoeing adventure. We’ll fit you with a pair of snowshoes and a set of poles and then you’re right to go!

When it comes to clothing, you should apply a sensible layering approach. There’ll be opportunity to adjust your layers during the day as you will get quite warm throughout the day. We wear gloves, hats and sunglasses during the day as the glare on the snow from the sun can be quite harsh despite the cold temperatures!

Do you have any tips for snowshoeing beginners?

It’s best to move at a slow and steady pace to avoid building up a sweat, particularly when moving uphill. When going downhill, take smaller steps to let the snowshoes do the work and use your poles for balance. Walking behind someone in their footsteps – like your guide – makes it even easier as well!

Snowshoeing in Antarctica

Why should I go snowshoeing?

Snowshoeing is a fun way to add a new element to your Antarctic adventure. Unlike most other Antarctic activities, snowshoeing is also open for absolute beginners to participate in. There are no words to describe the feeling of reaching the top of a snowy slope and looking down into a bay filled with icebergs and penguin rookeries! To reach somewhere that would have been unattainable is a great feeling!

Snowshoeing is available on selected voyages, contact one of our Expedition Experts to find out how you can join this fun and easy Antarctic activity. If you’d like to know more about our adventure activities, download our FREE Antarctic Activity Guide today!



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