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Experience the raw power of the world’s largest island when you go sea kayaking in Greenland. Explore its coastline from a unique angle, paddling by countless glaciers and jagged peaks. Stop to admire the small communities that hug the shoreline, which survive on hunting, fishing and the elements in a land ruled by the Polar Night in winter and the Midnight Sun in summer.

Intimately explore at water level, keeping a close watch for resting seals, soaring seabirds or the unmistakable blow of whales as they surface. This endless stretch of coastline is ripe for exploration, with its many secrets locked in place by drift ice for up to eight months each year. 

With years of kayaking experience in the most wild and remote waters of the globe, our expert guides will help you push your boundaries and get the most out of your time sea kayaking in Greenland. They will navigate you through its icy bays, offering unforgettable Arctic scenery, wildlife encounters and photo opportunities

If you have the option, I can highly recommend joining the kayaking team. It was a wonderful experience to paddle through the icy sea and to silently land on the shore.

How do I book kayaking in Greenland?

If you have intermediate paddling experience and would like to participate in our sea kayaking program on your Greenland voyage please contact our friendly team.

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