Start in Reykjavik, finish in Kangerlussuaq

Early to Mid-August 2022

You will be given first and exclusive access to book onto this voyage when it’s pre-released in July.

On this comprehensive voyage of the world’s largest island, enjoy the astounding natural beauty of Greenland and hear tall tales of Viking exploration. Operating in August 2022, you will encounter summer in Greenland when 24-hours of sunlight can still be experienced above the Arctic Circle, when migratory birds arrive to nest and whale numbers are at their greatest.

In remote east Greenland, one of the least inhabited places on earth, explore the world’s largest fjord system in Scoresbysund and discover paleoeskimo winter houses. Kaiser Franz Josef Fjord reveals enormous cliffs striped with colourful sedimentary layers folded into angles and swirling shapes, and mountain climbers will face some of the most intimidating and challenging summits.

Sail through Prince Christian Sound in south Greenland, one of the world’s most historically significant navigation channels, where you will discover tiny, colourful and remote Inuit settlements surrounded by needle peaks piercing the sky, soak in natural thermal springs in Uunartoq, and encounter the ruins of Greenland’s first Viking church at Hvalsey. Zodiac cruise amongst gigantic sculptural icebergs, kayak in waters teeming with whales, and for mountain climbers, you will face some of the most intimidating and challenging summits of your lives.

Human presence becomes significantly more noticeable on the west coast, where the bustling capital, Nuuk, of 70,000 inhabitants is located. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the National Museum, discover remarkable 500-year-old mummies found in 1972. At Ilulissat, marvel at UNESCO World Heritage protected icefjord, the largest ice cap after Antarctica.

Final dates and full itinerary to be pre-released in July, for public sale in August 2020
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