Scotland for Solo Travellers, Families & Groups

Travelling solo

There is no reason why you can’t come along! Embark with just 53 other passengers maximum, and enjoy the sites on our spectacular voyage. Whether you’re sharing with 11 other fellow expeditioners on zodiacs, or socialising in our communal bar and dining areas, you’re bound to be feeling at home and familiar with everyone from day 1!

We offer a stateroom sharing service for solo travellers, meaning you can avoid paying single supplements if you are willing to share your stateroom with a fellow expeditioner. We will match you with another adventurer of the same gender, and if we can’t find anyone, you’ll still only pay the twin price. However, solo staterooms are still available for 1.5x the usual twin share rate. Contact us for more information.

Scotland Family Adventures

This is undoubtly our best voyage for families. With lots of walking and birdwatching, with plentiful sunlight and lots of flexible excursions to suit your own personal needs, Scotland is an adventure for all concerned and this is most definitely an itinerary to suit your family!

Scotland generally doesn’t have as rough seas, and most often, you’ll share the destinations we visit with no one else, allowing for quality family time together!

However, please note that we are unable to provide dedicated children’s entertainment facilities on-board, as our vessels are small. However, with our unique, flexible program, there is a variety of different options you can choose each day, to specialise your adventure together, and our team will try to accommodate as best as we can.

In the past, child expeditioners have loved coming on board our Scottish voyages, and fellow passengers have greatly enjoyed the enthusiasm that children have brought to the expedition.


It is always a pleasure to have groups join us aboard our Scottish expeditions. With our wide and diverse program, unlike no other operator, we cater for a wide range of interests and passions, and always try to accommodate them into our day to day schedule.

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