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With eight voyages and hundreds of expeditioners from around the globe joining us in Antarctica over the last few months, we have held the most extraordinary return to these waters – in the first season AE Expeditions has run in almost two years. 

With an exceptional safety record and lack of interruptions during this season, our 100%* success rate is testament to the expertise of our team in ensuring that our expeditions are as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone onboard.

AE Expeditions is thrilled with the success of our return season to Antarctica, getting back to what we do best in our 30th year of operation,” commented AE Expeditions’ VP of Operations, Tomas Holik.  

We thank everyone involved from our expedition team and crew, to our fantastic expeditioners, who ensured this incredibly successful return to operations.

*AE Expeditions ran 8/8 planned voyages with no interruptions Jan-April 2022.


Most memorable moments

Magical wonderland of icebergs

“Too many to include – up close encounter with an amorous leopard seal, kayaking through what felt like a magical wonderland of icebergs, hiking to the peak and looking out to the most amazing landscapes…”

C. Grey

Making new friends

“Kayaking with a humpback whale. Standing on the Antarctic continent. Walking in the footsteps of expeditions of yore. Surviving the Drake Passage. Making new friends. Basically everything!”

K. Stern-Landy

A super trip from beginning to end

The baby humpback breaching off the bow of the zodiacs, the polar plunge, drinking Macallan with ice fresh from a berg, having an impromptu dance party with my husband on top of a volcanic cinder cone. It was just a super trip from beginning to end.

W. Russell

It’s like a screensaver in my eyeballs

The locations – It was so amazing there are not words to describe. I think the closest I can come to putting words to this adventure is, “it’s like a screensaver in my eyeballs.”

W. Russell

A truly perfect experience

“The day at Neko harbor. Setting foot on the continent, bum slide, Polar Plunge, BBQ all that in beautiful weather… A truly perfect experience”

B. Jager

The wildlife sightings were out of this world

“The zodiac cruise to Paradise Harbour was so much fun. The wildlife sightings were out of this world: humpback whales just meters from our zodiac, a leucistic penguin!, leopard seals, crabeater seals. Epic! Stonington also blew me away. The scenery was utterly jaw-dropping and moved me to tears when I reached the top of the hill and took it all in.”

B. Jager

© Sebastian Modak/Lonely Planet

'This is your brain on Antarctica' by Seb Modak, Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Writer, Seb Modak, travelled with AE Expeditions to Antarctica earlier this year. He details how he returned as a changed person – and it turns out science can explain why. As Seb discovered, “A trip to Antarctica offers equal parts adrenaline-pumping adventure and quiet contemplation.

Read his feature story: ‘This is your brain on Antarctica: penguins, icebergs, and a lifetime supply of awe‘.

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